How to Unfrump your Sleepwear!

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Do you sleep in sweatpants and t-shirts with holes in them? Do you work from home, like me, and end up wearing said outfit all day? I used to do this, too. Every Christmas Eve my mom let my brother, sister and I open one gift. Inside that gift was matching pajamas for everyone. I’m talking matching pjs for my grandparents, my boyfriend (now husband), and anyone else that joined us for Christmas day. It took me about 16 years to figure out that our Christmas Eve gift was the same every year. Fast forward to 28 years old and I found that I never threw away a single pair of pajamas from my mom from about the age of 15 to present. Yikes!
This was a wake up call for me. As a Stylist, how am I supposed to encourage others to dress their best when I’m not dressed my best, even if I’m just behind the computer screen all day?

Not quite my finest moment, but at least it matches?

Sure, it’s really sweet to hold on to gifts from my mom… but is it cute to wear coffee stained pajamas? Uh, no honey. It ain’t cute. I’m not talking “cute” by society standards, like you need to show up as something for someone else. I’m talking about the self-confidence cute. Maybe you’re thinking this doesn’t matter. Feeling frumpy isn’t going to give us that extra boost of energy we need in the morning. Studies have shown that dressing our best will increase self confidence and even our attitudes. Perhaps it’s pretentious to write an entire article about not wearing frumpy PJs to bed. However, I believe that when we invest a little extra effort into what we wear (even if it’s just going to bed) we will feel better about ourselves. If we feel better about ourselves then maybe we’ll sleep better, too. Hey, maybe even wake up with a better attitude to take on the day!

So how do you unfrump your sleepwear without breaking the bank?

Find cozy neutral patterns (or solids) that don’t break the bank! You can mix’n match these to go with several different (non-holey) t-shirts that you may already have in your PJ drawer! I personally love these lightweight, buttery soft joggers! You can dress them up a bit and wear them outside your home, too!

Wear 2-piece sets! The easiest thing to do is find a matching set! Maybe one with a solid tank! That way you can wear your pajamas year-round and layer when you need to.

Wear colorful pajamas! Girl, sometimes mornings are just not my thing! I like choosing clothing that makes me smile!

Above all, choose sleep wear that serves a purpose! Ones that keep you cozy, comfortable and warm!

What do you think about wearing PJs without holes to bed? Leave a comment!

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